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Fan Girl Friday

December 2, 2011 | Fan Girl Friday

From time to time I run across acrid commentary about women writing male male romance or straight men writing gay love stories, or the arrogance of men writing romance between a man and woman.

Seriously? Why on earth would anyone think one gender had a great claim to expertise in writing craft as applied to any particular genre?

History offers many example of women being discriminated against. Here’s where I get really confused. I would have guessed our own history of oppression, prejudice, and discrimination would have made women more sensitive and less tolerant to this kind of injustice. Reading commentary from women about men who dare to think they could capture romance on the page, dismays me. Are those railing against male authored romance unaware of D.H. Laurence, T.S. Eliot, Tolstoy, and Shakespeare?

Practicing gender bias makes no sense. Thankfully the vast majority of readers are too smart to be bothered by an author’s gender or sexual orientation or race or any other irrelevant label.

Right? Uh, you all aren’t prejudiced against men writing romance are you? :blink:

One of my favorite authors and good friends is David Kentner. He writes delightfully different romance stories as KevaD. I’m mentioning him because, in addition to hours of entertainment and many kindnesses, he’s given me a fresh awareness that gender bias is alive and well even this in this enlightened age.

Here’s a link to KevaD’s Amazon page for your browsing pleasure.

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