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Real life

December 8, 2011 | Uncategorized

The new story hijacked my brain. Earlier I turned to the dog and said, “Remind me to…” Whatever it was I wanted her to remember — like that was going to work — churned beneath a fresh onslaught of possibilities when I began questioning the hero’s surname. Then I scooped her dinner onto my plate. She tilted her head with gentle concern and watched me mumbling with sad eyes.

In the beginning the story is a cloud of ideas, snippets of dialogue, character voices, situations, and with the current project location, because the setting is important to both the heroine and the hero.

What I don’t know about the characters and events far outweighs what I know. I’ll rewrite the opening several times, and then I’ll tweak the final version until it sings to me.

When the story flows, it’s pure magic and the best job in the world. When my blood, sweat, and tears drip on to the page one painful word at a time, it’s still beats anything else I’ve been paid to do. :heart:

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