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Teaser Tuesday

December 6, 2011 | Teaser Tuesday

Just for dangerously sexy fans, an excerpt from A Very Demon Christmas, Demon Hunters I, scheduled for release December 20th!


One step at a time, she told herself as she tucked a wayward strand behind her ear, and then left the apartment. She could always do a drive-by and keep going — an idea with a great deal to recommend it. Then no one would see what was hidden by her sensible camel-hair coat, which was exactly the problem.

She sighed. How was she going to negotiate an affair with a sexy Dom if she wasn’t brave enough to enter the club or take off her coat? A few jitters weren’t worth tossing away the chance for an erotic adventure.

Colin’s heady, intensely male scent lingered in her car. What a pity he wasn’t interested in teaching her about dominant men and perhaps even bondage. She would love to be his sex slave. She shook off the useless longing and let his fragrance fuel her determination to explore this strange and exciting world of domination and submission.

Too soon, her modest compact joined a stream of expensive cars lined up at the entrance to the club’s private parking garage. A stern-faced attendant waved her forward, motioned for her to roll down her window, and held up an open palm for the next car to wait. “May I see your invitation, ma’am?”

His tone was flawlessly polite. Aside from the ma’am, which rankled, she had no complaint with his manner. Still, heat flared on her cheeks in the seconds it took to produce the invitation.

He examined the small square of paper closely, then handed it back. “Go straight ahead, turn right, and follow the arrows. There are spaces open on the second level.”

“Thank you.” She left the window down, hoping to cool her face. If her courage failed, she could leave.

After parking, she hesitated for a few rapid heartbeats before she crossed to an elevator and rode up to street level. The doors opened to a festive foyer. A doorman accepted a coat and purse from a spectacular brunette in front of her. The other woman wore stilettos to match her black leather harness — kinky but not exactly Christmassy. Then she moved, and the tinkle of a dozen or more silver bells chimed with Christmas spirit. To make things worse, the narrow leather straps enhanced a slim, toned body with high, pert breasts and a perfect allover tan.

Holly wanted to back out of the club before she’d gotten past the doorman. The beautiful woman wearing the provocative leather costume triggered all her old insecurities. Although she had done her best to accept her round ugly-duckling shape in a world that worshipped swans, there were still times when she was slammed right back to middle school and her life as the chubby girl who never quite measured up when compared to the slender, popular cheerleaders.

In comparison with the other submissive’s sleek curves, Holly’s daring red lingerie suddenly seemed way overdressed and her figure way too full. Just when she most needed a little color, her cool cheeks told her the last of her blush had fled, turning her complexion back to its usual ghost white.

Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas” played over an invisible sound system. The song gave Holly an infusion of optimism. She managed a smile for the doorman, and her fingers barely trembled as she handed him the invitation.

The open doorway beyond him gave her a view into a busy main room and a waiting area where half a dozen mostly naked women and two men, just as undressed, either sat or stood.

A tall man in a tuxedo entered the room and barked at a gorgeous redhead wearing a very short skirt and vest. Both of her garments were made from some kind of skin-molding material in a becoming shade of shiny gold. “Assume the position.”

Holly stared like a kid at her first circus as the submissive gracefully fell to her knees, then spread her thighs — she wasn’t wearing panties. When she clasped her hands behind her head, the vest parted, exposing the inner curves of her breasts.

Her prompt obedience seemed to mollify her Master. He brushed her top aside, tweaked first one nipple and then the other until they were both a darker red and stiff. Apparently satisfied with his efforts, he attached what looked like tiny vises connected with a chain to the hardened tips. “Very nice.”

“Identification, ma’am?” From the doorkeeper’s overly patient tone, Holly feared he’d already repeated the request.
Flustered and aroused by the scene she’d just witnessed, she reopened her clutch and peered inside for her license.

Before she’d retrieved her ID, a calloused palm cupped her neck, gripping her firmly. “I know her, Harry.”

That was wrong, because she didn’t know anyone at La Ceinture Noire, although there was something about his speech that tugged her memory. Perhaps she just wanted the deep voice to be familiar. The gravelly tones washed over her frazzled nerves, soothing her edginess while exciting a new layer of erotic sensations. He sounded like her handsome neighbor. But that couldn’t be right, because he barely spoke to her. Wanting to see her captor, she tried to turn. She might as well have tried to move a small mountain. His hold was gentle, protective, and impossible to break.

“Don’t move. I’ve got you.”

Be sure and stop back next Tuesday for another excerpt!

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  1. Ellie Heller Says:

    I love this, but wait, demon, hmmm….

    Going to have to come back and read more. :-)

  2. Evanne Says:

    Thanks for stopping Ellie! Fingers crossed that Noble jumps on your submission :heart:

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