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Teaser Tuesday

January 10, 2012 | Teaser Tuesday

A Very Demon Valentines: Demon Hunters II is scheduled for release February 14!

Time to meet Miranda, a nice reasonable fire-demon, the heroine.

Tey forced himself to move in a lazy prowl, circling her until he could see her face. He raked his gaze from the smooth twist of Miranda’s glossy black hair, all the way down to her ridiculously high heels.

He took his time with the perusal, lingering on the prim set of her lush mouth, the determined angle of her cute chin, and the thrust of her peaked nipples. Naturally he registered the searing heat pouring off her, especially where his hard-on would press into the sweet curve of her small belly. Her conservative clothes didn’t begin to cover her fragrance. That delicious, rich, minty, dark chocolate scent of feminine arousal whispered to his blood and hardened his cock.

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