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Teaser Tuesday

January 24, 2012 | Teaser Tuesday

A Very Demon Valentine’s: Demon Hunters II is scheduled for release February 14th! Here’s the long blurb:

Miranda has crushed on Tey forever. Demon biology, great timing, and a scarcity of female demons conspire to make mating with the irresistible earth demon a sure thing. Saving Tey’s life gives her cart blanche to love Tey. If he loved her back she’d be thrilled, but he doesn’t even like her.

Tey avoids inhaling around Miranda because her scent is an aphrodisiac amping up his already out-of-control sex drive. Faced with imminent mating mania and Miranda’s proximity, he succumbs to temptation. After he bonds with her, his priorities change, but he’s determined to do the honorable thing and keep her from mating to him. If lust wasn’t fogging his mind and if he could keep his hands off her, then he might save her from a lifetime of regrets.

Mutual respect, trust, and lots of hot sex work to make two very stubborn demons realize how perfect they are for each other, if they survive long enough for their very own kinky little Valentine’s miracle to happen.

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