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Real life

February 23, 2012 | Uncategorized

Like lots of people, the internet has changed the way I process news and information. I no longer subscribe to a paper and ink newspaper or magazines. I don’t watch television news or listen to radio news. News arrives via digital ink and e-videos. The advantage is a much greater depth of raw information.

The embedded video to about a local chef’s fund raising project to produce a digital cookbook.

Sounds revolutionary to me. What do y’all think? Do you use cooking apps? Would you use a cooking app? An e-cookbook?

Posted by Evanne @ 4:00 am  

2 Responses to “Real life”

  1. Allie Ritch Says:

    I’ve never used a cooking app, but I’ve definitely gotten some great recipes online. The Internet can be especially helpful if you eat something when you’re out somewhere and want to replicate it at home.

  2. Evanne Says:

    I’ve never used a cooking app either,Allie. For a few years all new recipes in my kitchen have come from the web, but I’m not ruling out a cooking app :)

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