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Fan Girl Friday

March 9, 2012 | Fan Girl Friday

I love a bargain and free is one of my favorite price.

Free even makes sense to me as a seller, especially for a samples. Hence the free reads section right here.

A few times, I’ve shied away from paying hardback prices for a kindle title. But since I prefer the kindle to dead tree books there’s no point in depriving myself of a book I want to read just because it costs the same in one format as it does in another.

The one barrier I haven’t gotten past is the premium priced ebooks. I’ve seen a few titles where the kindle version was more than the mass market issue. To me, that’s just plain wrong. :angry:

How do feel about ebook pricing? Should they be cheaper than dead tree books? Are you more likely to buy a bargain book than a full price title?

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