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Teaser Tuesday

March 6, 2012 | Teaser Tuesday

From Demon Hunters II:; A Very Demon Valentine’s Day

Just in case you haven’t had a chance to buy your own copy, here’s a peek at Tey:

At forty-five and a couple of weeks, he was right on schedule for the joys of mating mania — losing his sense of honor, his mind, and becoming a raging rogue demon intent on death, destruction, and rape.

Happy birthday to me.

The possibility of finding his mate redefined long-shot. Female demons were rare. Pure-bloods were guarded like flawless gems, first by their families, and then by their mates – powerful, unreasonable males who were never interested in sharing. For a mixed-blood like him — an earth and water demon — aka mud guppy, forget about it.No female of honor would consider him. He would not endanger a mixed-blood by tying her to a hunter, and a human woman wouldn’t survive his mating frenzy.

He blinked back the hopelessness of his situation, but strangely he didn’t feel panicked. He couldn’t quite get his head wrapped around the reality of his own imminent death. Probably a damn good thing, he didn’t want this to be any harder on Duec than necessary. The boss was the best of all of the hunters and an absolutely lethal killer.

Yeah, Tey had made the right call asking him to handle the death action. This way he didn’t need to worry about going crazy ahead of schedule and hurting someone.

If the boss turned him down, Tey had a backup plan. He was going goblin hunting and see how many of the oily little bastards he could take out before they drained the last of his blood. Sure, they’d absorb his strength for a little while. But he was already so toxic that if they survived his poison they’d go crazy — couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of monsters.

Duec opened his door. “Get in here.”

The numbness of relief from accepting Tey’s fate hung in there,keeping his knees steady as he reentered the office.

The boss pointed at the seat he’d warmed a few minutes ago.

Tey sprawled back into the classy leather. He hadn’t felt this good in a long, long time. What a sick joke. Life’s a demon bitch on wheels, and then you die. His lips quirked in a wry grin.

“Try mating Miranda.”

Still mellow from having the solution to his misery within reach, Tey figured he’d misunderstood Duec. “Come again?”

“Pay attention.”

“Totally with you.” Tey strained forward, waiting for his boss’s next words.

“I do not like to repeat myself.”

Tey nodded, figuring that was safer than speech.

“Mate Miranda.”

Tey swiveled toward the connecting door, caught himself, and turned back to face Duec. “Your assistant?”


No, not even remotely possible. I’ll kill her. You like the female. Hell, she’s like a sister to all the demon hunters, except for my pathetic, horny self. Tey wracked his mind for an explanation that made sense out of his boss’s order. Eventually he gave up the fruitless search and crossed his arms. “Not happening. Just kill me.”

Duec half rose and leaned over his desk. “I am not going to lose another hunter.”

Tey shrank from his boss’s pain-laced anger. What a thoughtless asshole he was. He’d been so fixated on an end to his personal agony that he hadn’t thought about what his death meant to the rest of demon hunter cadre or to Duec.

Then he snapped back to reality. This was a “hurt a lot now or hurt a whole lot worse later” situation.

He shrugged. “Kill me now or wait till I’ve gone rogue when it’s ten times as messy.”

It was technically true, but it was also an empty threat. He’d do his best take a herd of goblins with him when the oily monsters drained him. Letting the goblins take him down caused the least possible disturbance for the demon community. He didn’t outline his plan, since he had a way better chance of pulling it off if Duec didn’t know about his second choice.

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2 Responses to “Teaser Tuesday”

  1. Allie Ritch Says:

    Enjoyed the excerpt and just love this title.

  2. Evanne Says:

    Thanks Allie, you made my morning!

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