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WIP Wednesday

March 28, 2012 | WIP Wednesday

The latest dangerously sexy couple found their way to a happy for now. Contemporary romance was a rough ride!

Even though I wrote my favorite words, the end, on the manuscript, it’s not over. Until a book is released there’s always more to do.

Before any of my imaginary friends were published, I questioned my sanity and commitment to write frequently. I still do, except now my doubts are centered on each story that consumes endless hours with me hunched over the keyboard.

This last adventure was harder to write than most. I wanted to quit a lot, yet somewhere before the end, I fell in love right along with them and I already miss them. Maybe I’ll get to revisit their world someday.

I don’t have a clue whether my feelings, good, bad or meh make the book better or worse. If I’m lucky, the gracious editor will have an opinion and suggestions and someday readers will let me know what they think.

Now I’m hanging out with a bunch of unhappy demons . :ermm:

How’s your day going?

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