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Fan Girl Friday

April 27, 2012 | Fan Girl Friday

So last month Lover Reborn released. Did I hold out for the price to come down? Nah. I don’t like paying high prices for ebooks, but I’m not going to deny myself a good story on a principle.

Ms. Ward tells an excellent story, I’m accepting the new black dagger brotherhood installments aren’t the same mind gripping kind of goodness the early titles were, but they’re still damn compelling fiction.

Are you willing to pay more than $9.99 to read in digital ink?

Posted by Evanne @ 4:00 am  

2 Responses to “Fan Girl Friday”

  1. Allie Ritch Says:

    I just read Lover Reborn, too! I agree with you. It was a real page-turner, but I miss the feel of the earlier books in the series. My two favorites are Lover Eternal and Lover Revealed.

  2. Evanne Says:

    So hard to pick a favorite from the first four books. I can’t. :ermm: The rest of the series has been up and down for me, but even when I’m hugely disappointed in a particular title, I’m still totally hooked on the black dagger brotherhood.

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