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Real life

April 12, 2012 | Uncategorized

What? Y’all don’t keep a soapbox handy for when you feel like spoutin’ off a little?

I’ve read a couple of pretty vehement posts about readers owing writers a good review, especially for free books.

Seriously? Nah, that’s not real world thinking.

Stuff I get for free has intrinsically less value than stuff I pay for. Check out the free read section on this site. I give away samples of my writing all the time, as do my publishers. We’re both hoping to entice gentle readers to buy my books. The idea that said readers owe me anything in exchange for the gift never entered my mind.

What I owe readers occupies a major chunk of my thinking time. I owe them a plot that makes sense, even when it surprises. I owe them characters with substance and purpose. I owe them hours of entertainment in exchange for their hard-earned money. I owe them the best damn story I can write.

Reviews aren’t something readers owe me. They are gifts from readers who are pleased or upset with my efforts.

Do you feel obligated to review a free book?

Back to regular scheduled posts tomorrow.

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