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Fan Girl Friday

May 4, 2012 | Fan Girl Friday

Several of my favorite authors had new releases in March and April, so lots of great reading. Each new book thrilled me. Even masterful authors in full command of their craft enthrall me for reasons that have as much to do with me as the words on the page. The attraction may have little to do with author intention.

This unpredictable connection between prose and reader forms the basis for the literary breakout successes. Since my enjoyment of a tale has much more to do with this mysterious inner connection and less to do with the mechanics of writing, then readers’ ratings means little.

Writers, including me, prefer glowing reviews. But the same title never glows equally for everyone. There are readers who failed to appreciate Harry Potter’s adventures, or the Twilight series, or more recently the Hunger Games. All of these stellar successes have garnered multiple one star reviews. :blink:

The book does not change from one reader to the next. Therefore, the deciding factors must be readers’ perception and judgement.

Have you failed to appreciate a popular title? Could you understand the appeal or was the attraction totally mysterious?

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