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Teaser Tuesday

May 8, 2012 | Teaser Tuesday

Here’s a snippet of Duec from A Very Demon Valentines.

“Sit.” His voice was harsh and louder than necessary—an understandable side effect of his near-total deafness. Miranda held up her left palm and then slowly lowered it in their agreed-upon signal to soften his delivery.

Most demons had super-sensitive hearing. Duec wasn’t interested in advertising his hearing loss, not even to the other demon hunters. She understood and did all that she could to support his illusion that there was nothing wrong with his hearing. But she didn’t agree with his choice. His hunters respected him, loved him, and their loyalty had nothing to do with his ability to hear pins drop on plush carpeting.

He nodded—a curt bob—in acknowledgement of her gesture and softened his delivery. “Report.”

For several minutes, she recapped club business and the progress on construction of the new civilian medical clinic he was funding. His lip-reading skill was phenomenal. She kept her face angled toward him but stubbornly continued to sign as she spoke.

“Not necessary.” He waved toward her flying fingers.

She blushed but raised her chin. “Your hearing is not improving. Learning to sign is not the same thing as an admission of defeat. It’s no different than messaging or texting—just another communication tool.”

She peeked through her lashes and realized she might as well have saved her breath. Duec had swiveled to face the view of downtown Treeland, effectively silencing her argument.

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