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Teaser Tuesday

June 5, 2012 | Teaser Tuesday

From the next Demon Hunter story (unedited):

Belinda closed the door behind the subs, sprayed disinfectant, and energetically wiped down the surfaces they’d used with a terry cloth. The vigorous cleaning blunted the edge of her temper. Confident she could speak without stammering or shrieking, she hefted her carryall and addressed the vacant, far corner of the room. “You’re so old school it’s got to be killing you not to insist on carrying my toy bag.”

“Bench creaked?” Duec dropped his cloak of invisibility. His dark brows were pleated in a familiar scowl of irritation.

“Nah, you just confirmed my guess.” So Duec didn’t know everything. Interesting. There was plenty he didn’t need to know. She had no intention of sharing how she had a lock on his presence 24-7. She definitely wouldn’t mention she’d recognized his scent or how his natural fragrance accelerated her pulse.

His mouth parted for just a second.

She took a petty satisfaction in rocking the mighty Duec back a tiny bit. She dropped the bag, folded her arms, and waited for his explanation and apology. Seconds ticked by, hell didn’t experience a frost and Duec stayed silent. The only change was his scowl deepened into an all-out glower.

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