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WIP Wednesday

June 13, 2012 | WIP Wednesday

Writing “the end” always gives me a thrill, even though I’ve learned finishing a manuscript is truly only one stage on the way to actually publishing a book.

Digital publishing has changed all that, allowing enthusiastic authors to release first drafts. To make this possibility even more tempting, some of those first drafts have found a growing fan base, proving many readers value a riveting storyline and a fresh voice over polished and tidy prose.

Naturally, I want it all in the books I read and those I write. :lol:

During the rest of this year and all of next the right to publish my first ten books revert to me. I hope all of them find a way back into digital ink someday. This is a lofty ambition even by my optimistic standards. While I’m proud of every title I’ve written, I’ve learned a couple of things since writing Dangerous Surrender. I’m excited to have the chance to revise and enrich my earlier works, but it’s going to be a challenge to draw a sane line between completely rewriting every story and shaping and polishing enough to satisfy my inner editor and maintain the raw passion that makes the stories special.

There’s another catch, while revising stories is faster than writing fresh they still require time. The deeper and more enriching the revisions; the more time needed. So I need to balance new releases with new and improved editions from the backlist. :ermm: A little scary, but the possibility of a do-over is still exciting!

If you could pick something from your past to do-over, would you?

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