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Teaser Tuesday

July 3, 2012 | Teaser Tuesday

A snippet from Dangerous Rescue, available from “>Barnes and Noble and Sony’s ebooks right now and scheduled for reissue with the new cover this Friday!

Ian stood, stupidly holding his suitcase. Nothing had gone the way he wanted. He was much too aware of his own hunger and unsure how hard to push her.

Regan called back from the bedroom. “You want to change first, help yourself.”

“I’m cool. I’ll wait till you’re out of the shower.”

“Why, what’s up?” Regan came back into the living room. The blazer and her shoes were missing.

Ian couldn’t get his mouth to form words. Every thought focused on absorbing the way she looked. Her dark hair hung flat down her back, forming a glossy curtain. The slip covered more of her than a bikini would have, but the color was close to bare and almost as sexy. Her look set fire to his imagination.
The sleek fabric clung to every curve and hollow, drawing attention to the dark smudges made by her areolas and making him painfully aware of her rigid nipples.

He tried to stop ogling her, unsuccessfully, and in that instant his thoughts of revenge evaporated like ice in the heat of August.

“Come on. I won’t bite too hard.” Musical laughter floated behind her words as she disappeared into the bedroom.

He hadn’t imagined that invitation.

“You’re sure?” he croaked.

“Yeah, just don’t go making a big deal about it. I need you to be clear about this. We’re just friends with benefits. You’re good about this—about us, right?” Her words drifted through the haze of lust clouding his thoughts.

In your dreams, princess.

“Right,” he lied roughly. The word creaked out of a mouth gone dryer than one of his grandmother’s tea. She wandered back out, looking more tempting than ever. Dark eyes met his, asking him questions he knew he would agreed to.

“Sorry about the lecture. It must be all that special victim sensitivity training coming out. You are good with just sex?”

“Yeah.” Oh yeah, whatever you want to call it—as long as it happens soon. Real soon. Like now. Please God.

Moving closer, she snaked an arm around his neck, and then touched her lips to his. He opened for her. He surrendered to the kiss, afraid to move. He waited for disaster to strike. Waited for her to pull back. Waited for her to change her mind.

He was so thrilled when she didn’t he damn near disgraced himself before the main event. When he didn’t care, the game of seduction came so easily. But, no matter what he told himself or what he’d agreed to—this was Regan. How could he not care?

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