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Teaser Tuesday

July 31, 2012 | Teaser Tuesday

A snippet from Wicked Business:

DJ checked her watch for the sixth time in as many minutes. Half an hour till midnight. Where was Delaney? He’d never been this late before. She glanced at the vehicles rolling along the street below. The cliché was true, the city never slept. Traffic wasn’t the problem. Maybe he’d had an accident. She paced the small apartment, twisting her fingers together. Determined to give the other agent a full hour before she called in, she wished for a distraction.

No such luck. The live feeds from both the Torres apartment and office had been black since the cleaning crew finished his office more than three hours ago. She’d tried Delaney’s cell a dozen times. Maybe she should quit stalling and call the agency. She hesitated, not wanting to cause trouble. Late wasn’t unusual for Delaney and irritating the agent in charge of her first field assignment would ensure she never left the office again. It wasn’t like she had a hot date. She settled back in her chair to wait

The monitor flickered to life. To her shame, all thoughts of Delaney’s no-show vanished. She stared intently at the display as Eduardo’s, no the suspect’s she corrected herself, front door opened.

He was as gorgeous as ever and perfectly decent—not even a little disheveled. He loosened his tie and undid the top button of an immaculate white dress shirt.
Her heart sped up and there was no way to pretend her excitement was anything other than very inappropriate lust.

Her cell rang. Lousy timing on Delaney’s part. She answered it without glancing at the display. “Where are you?”

“Ah, wrong question, kitten.”

Eduardo’s deep chuckle reverberated through her whole body. The sensation heated and sweetened by the endearment. She swiped her tongue over parched lips.

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