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Teaser Tueday

August 7, 2012 | Teaser Tuesday

Bonus excerpt from Dangerous Secrets!

Sam pulled to a stop next to the curb, parking under the shade of a massive Blue Mahoe tree. A cool breeze ruffled her hair. He slipped an arm around Karina’s shoulders.“Looks like you’re going to be stuck with me for a while. Any more surprises you want to tell me about?”

She looked away from his distracting gaze, trying to hide her helpless reaction to his touch. Not responding to either his tone or his question directly, she waited for her breathing to even out before she said anything. “Was it a bug?”

“Looked like a voice activated mike to me,” he said grimly, the arm draped across her shoulders tensed briefly. “But I’m no spyware expert. Where did you find it?”

“It was by the off switch for the printer. I meant to show it to you. But I forgot.”

He caught her chin, tugging gently so she had to face him. “Hey, none of this is your fault, doll. I’m sorry for acting like a bastard.”

The word bastard made her flinch guiltily, reminding her of what she’d been too afraid to tell him. Guilt seeped back in, making her tense again. She tried to pull away.

He didn’t release her chin. Instead, he gently stroked the edge of her jaw line.

His eyes darkened even further as he whispered, “So soft.”

“It was my fault,” she murmured miserably, knowing that she should tell him about her connection to O’Brien, that it was the right thing to do, even if the name turned out to be just a wild coincidence.But it felt so good to be close to Sam, and she had the feelings if she confessed it would change everything between them. She couldn’t make herself utter the words.
Soon she’d tell him in just a moment. She inhaled his scent, clean male with just a hint of musky spice.

“Todd’s going to kill me,” he grumbled.

She pressed her chin harder into his hand. “He’s just my brother—not my keeper.”
Never mind that until a few hours ago, she’d been acting like a frightened child. Right now, she felt very grown up and that was what counted.

Then he leaned closer, brushing his lips against hers. The kiss was innocent. And yet, excitement sizzled through her nervous system, making the simple caress the most erotic thing she’d ever experienced.The moist velvet of his mouth scorched her. She had to lick her parched lips, which meant parting them. One hand framed her face while the other tenderly cupped the sensitive back of her neck. He held her in place and pressed her closer. And then his tongue touched hers.

The kiss had eclipsed everything … except the need for more.

Just like that, she was lost. Parting for him. Melting for him. On fire for him. Time stopped, she didn’t even remember to breathe. She even heard the soft notes of a favorite love song.

Reluctantly, Sam let her go.

Blushing, she realized the music was coming from her cell phone. She fumbled for it, telling herself that the interruption was fortunate. Somehow, she didn’t feel lucky. More like she was all revved up with no place to go.
“Hello?” she answered the call without checking caller ID … her gaze still locked on Sam’s silken lips. Dear God that man could kiss.

“Hi pumpkin, I got your message. Where are you?”

Relief flooded through her at the sound of her brother’s voice, she angled her gaze away from Sam’s sinful mouth. “I’m … ” She turned back to Sam. “Where are we?”

“Who’re you talking to?”

She wrinkled her nose at him. “Todd, of course.”

Sam started the vehicle, and then merged smoothly into the trickle of traffic heading south. “Tell him we’re in Bull Bay. I can turn around and be at his office in thirty minutes.”

“I heard,” her brother said impatiently. “What are you doing with Sam?”

“It’s kind of long story,” she hedged, painfully aware of the heat that rose from her chest, staining her neck and cheeks a deep pink.

“Then you can tell me all about it later. Remind him you’re my baby sister and I’ll kill him if he so much as ruffles your hair,” he said with cool menace.

“I most certainly will not,” she laughed uncomfortably at his macho posturing.

It wasn’t Sam’s wicked intentions her brother needed to worry about. There was no way she was going to try to explain her primal reaction to her brother. She hadn’t even figured out how she felt about Sam.

“Listen pumpkin, I’ve got a client due any minute. Have Sam buy you dinner some place nice. He’s loaded. I’ll call you as soon as I shake loose and catch up with both of you.”

“But…” she tried to squeeze in a protest.

“He’s here … sorry I gotta run.” Her brother cut the connection.

She frowned at the phone, giving Sam a slightly edited version of the conversation. “He said he’s got a meeting with a client and we should get some dinner. I never got a chance to tell him about shots, or …”

“Todd can handle himself. Dinner sounds like a good plan, I’m starved.”

His voice was much too even and she frowned. She was disturbed. He should be disturbed too.Disturbed nothing. She’d damn near climaxed and he was acting as if the kiss had never happened. Or worse, as if it meant nothing to him.

“I didn’t get a chance to tell him about the shooting or anything.” She pleated the crease in her slacks, fretting about his composure.

“No one was hurt and I’m in no big rush to discuss the damage to Ms. Behavior.” He shuddered dramatically. “Todd loves that boat almost as much as he loves you.”

She smiled. She couldn’t help it.

“More,” she admitted, watching him through her lashes.

“I doubt that.” He flashed a grin of flattering appreciation.

His obvious admiration flustered her. For once, she didn’t resent the very male reaction to her appearance. Maybe it was because Sam was so drop-dead-gorgeous. Maybe it was something about the he way he looked at her—something that made her feel special rather than evaluated by some impossible beauty standard. Maybe it was her undeniable reaction to him.From almost the moment they’d met, she’d been conscious of him as a man. A new awareness, one she wasn’t certain how to handle. Strangely, she felt safe with him even when her head cautioned her not to trust him. At the same time, every time he touched her she flew out of control. It was as if, she’d lost ownership of her body, her mind, and her heart.

Sam would be so easy to fall for.

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