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Teaser Tuesday

August 14, 2012 | Teaser Tuesday

A snippet from Wicked Games the first of the the planned reissues. With a new cover and lots of editing of course!

Six hours later, Rhianna surveyed her lodgings. The beach cabin was furnished impeccably in casual elegance, Caribbean style. Yet, there was something disturbingly seductive tugging at her. The fragrance of sweet jasmine drifted through the air, mingling with the earthy smells of jungle flora, and the salty ocean. Perhaps the island itself was a sensual narcotic. A wave of loneliness washed over her. Alone in such a romantic setting seemed ten times worse than usual.

Her career in the fast-paced world of mergers and acquisitions rewarded her handsomely. Hard work, a good education, but mostly Hudson’s sponsorship contributed to her success.What worked in the corporate world hadn’t made a dent in her personal life. Her marriage had been an unqualified disaster. She understood her ex’s attitude. Since he was an only son from a wealthy family he had an obligation to carry on the family name a sterile wife was useless baggage. That didn’t excuse his abuse, but not every man was like Frank.

Did I give up on love too soon? The question haunted her, aggravated by a useless biological clock ticking down the months of her non-existent fertility. A wry smile twisted her lips. She wasn’t wasting more time on regrets. She’d make the most of her weekend in paradise.

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