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Teaser Tuesday

August 21, 2012 | Teaser Tuesday

Snippet from Wicked Business:

Grasping her chin, Eduardo turned her firmly, forcing her to face him. “Listen, to me. This is only between the two of us. Your agency’s surveillance has been jammed. Do you hear me? This is for your pleasure and mine. Any time you want to stop, simply shake your head no. And we’re done. Clear?”

For a few seconds, she only blinked. He worried she was too terrified to understand the safe signal. He reached behind her to unfasten the restraints.

Before he’d undone her wrists, she nodded.

“You understand?”

She repeated the nod, more vigorously.

“Good.” His voice deepened to a growl of anticipation. “Very good.” He carried her into his dressing room and settled her sweet bottom on the top of a dresser, which put her at the perfect height. “Stay put.”

Eduardo worshiped her slim body with his eyes. Sensuous lips rimmed the red latex ball. Though her wrists were out of sight, he swallowed a growl of satisfaction, knowing they were bound in his leather. Her proud breasts thrust forward, the silken skin taut and their dark, tightly puckered nipples, begging for his mouth.

The pose was perfect—provocative. There was only one thing he wanted changed. “Spread your legs.”

The hesitation before she obeyed was almost imperceptible. He decided to let it go, feasting his eyes. A neatly trimmed rectangle of dark silky hair decorated the mound above her delicate slit. Her outer lips glistened with traces of honey.

“I want to see how ready you are.” He parted her carefully, exposing the silky, wet center of her mystery. Her delicate folds were a deep rosy red, glossy with the evidence of her excitement, As he got closer, the scent of her sweet desire wafted through his lungs and raced downward, tightening his balls.

“Don’t move, and don’t come until I say you can. If you’re obedient, someday I’ll let you watch again,” he promised, moving closer. While using his hips to keep her spread wide, he pressed into the soft skin of her belly. His cock twitched. The beast was as eager for release as if he hadn’t come twice in the past hour. Ignoring his own hunger, he dropped kisses on the side of her neck, working his way down her body on a leisurely journey to paradise.

Her satin skin shivered under his tongue while he nibbled his way along her collarbone then nuzzled under her arm. He kissed, licked and bit lightly down the underside of her arm to her thumb, which he suckled. Then he treated each finger to the same sensual torment. Lapping up her sweetness, marking her with his scent and branding her with drugging pleasure was a dangerous addictive strategy that threatened to make him her slave.

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