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WIP Wednesday

August 8, 2012 | WIP Wednesday

As I work on the current manuscript each scene receives a few dabs of setting, adding depth to the special world.

Reading is the first stage of writing. Despite decades of greedily absorbing all the books I could manage, novels continue to educate and inform.

Sometimes what I learn is what doesn’t work for me. A While back I read a futuristic erotic romance by an author whose contemporary titles enchanted me. The futuristic didn’t. Her prose was as polished as ever, her characters familiar, and the plot deftly woven. Aside from a couple of minor details, the setting was present day Earth. Ideal for a parallel world, not so great for a distant future story set in another universe.

If asked for a list of what makes a book work for me, setting would be way down the list, far far after characters, plot, and writing craft. Yet a cardboard backdrop ruined an otherwise well-told tale.

How important is setting to your reading enjoyment?

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