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Teaser Tuesday

September 25, 2012 | Teaser Tuesday

A snippet from the new and improved version of Dalila’s Choice I work on now and then. :heart:

Dexon’s question reverberated inside Dalila’s mind as she stared at the warriors. She was fascinated by their big, muscular, hair-dusted and tattooed bodies so very different from hers.

“Artificial insemination—that is the way it’s always done.” Her tone was less confident than it would’ve been a few seconds earlier. A half-remembered image flickered through her mind’s eye, two men embracing one woman. A dream fragment? Or part of the strange knowledge transfer from Mother Marian? There was no way to tell. Wherever it came from the image aroused her. The skin on her breasts grew warm and tightened. Her nipples contracted into pebbles.

“Not here. On Enyo a fertile woman is worshipped. Pleasuring his mate is a warrior’s highest aspiration. However, nothing will happen unless you choose to mate with one of us. You could have any one of a thousand approved breeders.” Dexon grinned at her ruefully.
Mate with one of them! She should’ve been repelled. But the flutters deep in her belly were excitement.

There was no denying that the men were beguiling—as lush and alien as their planet. But, she wasn’t going to be distracted by their primal charms. She had a sacred mission to accomplish and it didn’t involve dallying with these two.

Ignoring Dexon’s considerable appeal, as well as the sterner presence of his brother, she planted her fists firmly on her hips and stretched herself as tall as possible. “Are you both completely crazy?”

The men stiffened. She rattled on, spouting the curriculum she’d been taught—the things every member of the collective knew. “That’s messy and inefficient and unsanitary and just plain uncivilized.”

Kelvar crossed his arms, drawing her attention to all those rippling muscles. “We find our laws and customs very civilized.”

The words had been uttered in his usual gruff manner, his face expressionless. And yet, she heard hurt underneath the harsh statement.
Realizing how thoughtless her comments had sounded, her cheeks warmed. Now, she would have to apologize. And she hated to apologize. But, she needed their cooperation desperately and offending them was not the way to go about enlisting help.

“I spoke without thought, please excuse my bad manners.” The words spilled smoothly despite her tense throat.
The twins grunted, signaling an acceptance of her apology and distracting her with their deep gravely voices. Their accent was guttural, their voices deep and rough. No matter how she tried to steel herself against the raw sound, just listening started the unwelcome simmer of desire.
Nothing had prepared her for the sheer temptation of warriors. They were large and intimidating and overwhelming. They were indisputably male, strong, clean, and oh-so virile. Something about their hard bodies made her want to rub against them like an affection starved kitten she’d seen in a holographic story.,/p>

She gave herself a mental shake for wandering, she told them the truth. “It’s very kind of you both to offer. But, I’m not eligible for breeding. That’s one of the primary reasons I was chosen for this mission. I’m expendable.”

She looked away, unwilling for them to see the pain that piece of honesty caused her. Even as she averted her gaze, she knew she was being silly. Surely, anyone, especially a lusty warrior, need no more than a glance to see she was slim of hip and small of breast.


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