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Teaser Tuesday

September 11, 2012 | Teaser Tuesday

A snippet from Ranin Seven, book one of the Demons and Dragons series!

Diablo stopped mid-stride. Then he bent over, turning on the mobi-light clipped to his utility belt. Carefully, he examined the body on the floor. Small, slender, and definitely female. Sickened by the memory of his boot, thudding into her slight body, he noted anxiously that she was unconscious, way too pale, and human.

Women weren’t his first choice for a bedmate—too fragile. Actually they were tied with spiny Anluvians for last place on the fuckable list. But a horny fire demon, living on a remote moon couldn’t afford to be picky. His cock had hardened within two seconds of establishing her gender. His body emphatically voted for dispensing with any preliminaries.

Pity, she wasn’t breathing. Dead was pushing it even for him.

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