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WIP Wednesday

October 3, 2012 | WIP Wednesday

Last week I mentioned how hard it is to choose a single project here. I want to write them all. If I live long enough I will, but I’ll be very old. :lol:

I’d planned to revise the back list of titles as they revert to me. So far that hasn’t happened. The publisher continues to sell the stories they’ve lost the rights to publish. After considering my options, I’m assuming this is an administrative oversight and will be corrected. But the unexpected delay in actually ceasing to publish, made me realize it would be foolish to prioritize working on the older stories before they revert to me in more than theory.

For now, I’m working on the open series and others that haven’t even started. To keep things interesting, I’m writing longer and that means fewer titles per year. As a reader and writer I love immersing myself in the same story world month after month.

Every series has a beginning and an end. Later this month the final (as far as I know) demon hunter story releases. Meanwhile the civilian demons are lobbying to have their stories told.

And I’m writing the third Treeland Pack Tale. :heart:

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