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Snippet Saturday

November 10, 2012 | Snippet Saturday

writer at work a

From another story lurking on the hard drive…

Anger flashed across her face and Charley relaxed, that was good, at least she didn’t faint again. Almost instantly a smooth polite mask replaced the flare of temper. Only the stormy darkness in her sea colored eyes gave any hint of emotion. He wondered how those beautiful eyes looked when she shattered with ecstasy. He shook off that thought before it had a chance to take root. She definitely had to go.

“I’m sorry, Miss.” Charley hesitated and looked for Edna to help fill in the blank. His unfaithful PA had left.

Laura’s small chin came up a notch. “Ms.Parker and you should be sorry. If you had an ounce of decency you’d have told me who you were right off the bat.”

Charley blinked. He couldn’t remember the last time someone had let him have it. He gave her a small nod, barely an incline of his head.

“As you say, but decency is not one of my notable assets Ms.Parker. I believe that you’ll be much happier somewhere else.”

“Now you hold on a minute here. You’re firing me because you’re embarrassed? That is just plain not right. I’m very well qualified and you owe me a chance to prove it.”

Small hands had been balled into fists and she was openly glaring at him. Charley buzzed Edna’s cell. She didn’t pick up. “Damn it.” He muttered under his breath. “I do not need this. I’ve got too much to do.”

“Well then let’s get to it. You might want try skipping the profanity it doesn’t help your image any.”

She spoke levelly and clearly as she sat smoothly. There’d been only a mild hint of sanction in her voice. Charley scowled at her–his famous intimidating look that had no effect, because her eyes were focused on the open pad on her lap.

Charley found himself mumbling through almost incoherent instructions. He finally got her out of his office and breathed a deep sign of relief. He picked up the phone, and then cradled the handset. He swiveled around and studied the view of the city coming to life. He’d been irritated, angry, embarrassed and amused, not to mention aroused, all in one morning. How long had it been since he’s felt anything other than lust for a woman?

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