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Snippet Saturday

December 1, 2012 | Snippet Saturday


A sneak peek from the unedited third Treeland Pack Tale, I hope is coming someday! :heart:

A strange male followed Chet into the room. His size alone made Ivy think he was another wolf. Both males appeared to be in their early thirties, although there was something slightly tentative in the new arrival’s manner suggesting he was younger. No taller than Chet, he had a thicker, heavier build and none of Chet’s bone-deep grace and surety. The new male’s hair was dark brown rather than Chet’s true black. In the midst of his harsh features, amber eyes glowed with startling beauty. The hot pink suitcase dangling from one of his meaty hands made him instantly less frightening.“This is Ben, another enforcer.” Chet turned his smoldering charm on her. “And this is Ivy.”

Her lips quirked at his possessive almost purr. “I’m pleased to meet you, Ben.”

She started to rise, but Chet’s quelling look kept her bottom planted. “Did Scarlet send you?”

Ben nodded

“Is the suitcase for me?”

“Yes, ma’am.”

At twenty-three she hadn’t heard ma’am all that often. She decided in Ben’s case the honorific had been respectful. “Thank you for bringing it.”

He started to hand her the luggage. Chet intercepted. “Set it down.”

Color spots heated Ben’s ears as he followed the order.

“Are you hungry?” Ivy asked. Ben’s obvious shyness tugged at her empathy, making her want to take away the sting of Chet’s abruptness.

“Always, ma’am.”

A strangled groan emitted from Chet.

She ignored him and patted the vacant stool on her right. “Come sit and have something to eat. Chet is an amazing chef.”

“Yes, ma’am.” Ben looked at Chet for permission before moving.

Chet gave him a single, plainly grudging dip of his chin.

“If you’ll excuse me, I want to see what’s in the suitcase.” Ivy climbed off her perch, clearing Ben’s path and making graciousness a bit easier for Chet.

Before she’d reached for the bag, Chet had it in hand. Sooner or later she had to face being alone. With two big, strong enforcers in the apartment, she was ready to try a few minutes privacy right down the hall in Chet’s bedroom. She held out a palm for the luggage. “I’d like to do this by myself.”

The skin around Chet’s eyes tightened briefly, but he handed over the suitcase. “Yell if you need anything.”

“Thank you,” she leaned up and placed a kiss on his jaw. Whisker stubble prickled against her lips while the brush from the edge of his thick moustache was amazingly soft. She wondered how a real kiss would feel. The strange sensation of something coming to life in her belly happened again, making her nervous and gooey all at the same time. She shook off the fanciful reaction. Now wasn’t the time to try necking.

His scent grew richer, threatening to erase her resolve. Ivy hurried to the bedroom and closed the door behind her. She’d left the bed unmade. The rumpled covers and dented pillows seemed an offense amid the immaculate order. She set the case on a tapestry covered bench near the footboard that belonged in the same museum with the landscape in his office, and then straightened the bedding and fluffed the downy pillows. Satisfied with her housekeeping, she opened the luggage.

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