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Snippet Saturday

December 22, 2012 | Snippet Saturday

Just in case you’re looking for some spicy Christmas spirit, an excerpt from A Very Demon Christmas :heart:

From under her lashes, Holly watched as the doorman placed a folder on the counter. All she saw was her captor’s broad shoulders bunching and straining an expensive evening jacket while he bent his head and flipped to the last page of the document. With a click of the pen, he scrawled an illegible signature and then beckoned Harry closer. They spoke, but their voices were pitched too low for her to catch any of the conversation.

“You’re covered.” He pushed the pen and folder closer to the doorman, then handed over her coat and sparkly clutch.

When had he unbuttoned and removed her coat? Had she given him the purse? She didn’t remember doing any such thing. Holly drew in a deep breath to clear her muzzy head or perhaps to protest his presumption, but his intoxicating masculine scent filled her lungs and raced through her bloodstream, diverting every thought except how wonderful he smelled.

A terrific example of needing to be careful what she wished for. She’d wanted to know if she really was sexually submissive. Confirmation was looking more definite with every breath.

She was fairly certain the club safeguards that Tamara had told her about—a standard practice at well-run fetish clubs, which were designed to guarantee her safety—had just been dispensed with by the Dom holding her neck. Why hadn’t she stopped to consider how hard it would be for a submissive to deny a real Dom anything he wanted?

She should have been frightened. Instead her nipples grew more rigid, begging for his attention, and her core bloomed for him, soaking the small piece of lace between her legs. Her response was so far from normal that she had to swallow before she spoke to his back. “Are you taking me to the slave auction?”

“Absolutely not.” He chuckled without turning. “But if you’re very good, I might let you watch a little of the bidding.”

Without her having seen him move, he was behind her. He steered her into a secluded corner, pinned her against the wall, and slipped a silky blindfold in place. “I don’t want you distracted.”

Intending to protest his highhanded treatment and the blindfold, her lips parted. He whirled her around and covered her mouth with his. The kiss started slow as he brushed his lips against hers over and over until she burned for more. She strained closer, but he’d transferred his grip to her shoulders and easily held her where he wanted her. Tiny licks tasted the inner edge of her lips. She was lost in his flavor—a dark chocolate with a hint of her favorite green tea and something more—something sinfully erotic. She’d been kissed before, but never like this—like she was delicious and necessary. Seduced by his taste, she forgot to breathe.

He lifted his head, placed her palm over his heart, and whispered, “Breathe with me, baby.”

With her first ragged breath, heat raced up her neck.

A rough finger traced her blush from her cheeks to the tops of her breasts. “So beautiful.”

In that moment, the power beneath his words made her believe him.

With the blindfold on, her other senses were heightened. Some change in the air told her they weren’t alone.

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