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Snippet Saturday

December 29, 2012 | Snippet Saturday

A snippet from Warriors’ Wife, Book two in the Seduction Mission series, scheduled for release January 11th! :heart:

“There’s more isn’t there?” She narrowed her gaze at Gideon, sensing he’d held back something big. “What happened to me after they developed the vaccine?”

His jaw bunched. Finally, he answered, “You were terminated.”

Suddenly cold, she shuddered and scooted closer to Gideon, seeking his warmth. “You put out heat like a roaring campfire.”

“I turned up my thermal output for you.”

Conscious control of body temperature? Okay that was a bit unnerving, but she loved the results. “The three of you saved me.”

“Maybe, maybe not, we’re sticking around to make sure.” Gideon snuggled her closer. He had on the same seductive spice scent his pals wore and when he touched her he used as much care as if she were a priceless treasure.

Grateful for the distraction, she let herself sink into the comfort of his heavy muscles. Her toes curled inside her army boots and she resisted the urge to fan herself. Dear God, mechs should come with a warning label. What a pity they didn’t seem to have one. Her common sense and self-preservation instincts evaporated in the heat of his gaze. She stretched closer until she brushed the corner of his mouth with her lips. An exquisite tingle teased the sensitive skin of her mouth and sent sparks skittering throughout her body from her scalp to her soles. If she’d been wearing panties they would’ve melted.

And then he angled his head and deepened the kiss.

She would have loved to have sat in whenever he’d learned about romance, because Gideon kissed the way he did everything—with amazing skill and bone-melting intensity.

Her heart raced to pump more blood to her erogenous zones and her lungs grew starved for oxygen. She didn’t care. Breathing wasn’t all that and kissing Gideon was and then some.

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