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Snippet Saturday

January 12, 2013 | Snippet Saturday


This week Marcus (click to the cover image for more information) :heart:

“The Humvee is gone?” Tori’s words sounded distant and jagged as if they’d come over a bad connection. The question was stupid anyway. She just couldn’t wrap her head around the enormity of the loss. Pressure pounded in her temples. The steady backbeat drowned out rational thought.

Marcus lowered her to the ground with slow, deliberate moves, taking care not to jar her. “The last team of cyborgs must’ve set a delayed explosive device.”

“Why would they want to blow up my stuff?”

He met her eyes with a familiar, angry scowl. “The explosion removed your only chance for escape.”

“I don’t understand.” She rubbed at her throbbing temples.

“I’ll tell you everything I know, promise. But right now we have to get away from here. The cyborgs have a lock on this position.” Marcus didn’t wait for her to agree. He picked her up and headed down the hill with a ground-eating stride.

There was something about being carried or his intoxicating, spicy aroma or his fierce protectiveness or maybe it was simply the total package that made her go all girly and trusting. But then she’d thought the shy tech guy equally delicious. She flushed at the memory. What in the hell had happened to her Ms. Independent self?

She told herself to stay cool. She didn’t know any of them well enough to trust them farther than she could spit, which wouldn’t be far because her mouth had gone drier than one of Bond’s martinis.

This was crazy, she must be losing it. She’d been taken captive by three evil cyborgs and survived. Maybe this was her body’s way of celebrating the fact she was still breathing—with a full-blown case of outrageous, beautiful, life-affirming lust.

She bit her lip to keep a too-shrill giggle from escaping while Marcus raced them down the hill, holding her safe against his wide chest.
A new thought blew a cool breeze over her heated imaginings. The bothersome question slipped off her lips. “Are there female mechs?”


She sighed with relief. “Good. “ I don’t need that kind of competition.

Marcus settled her on the motorcycle then hit her with one of his intense looks. “Wouldn’t matter if there were a million females, you wouldn’t have any competition. The triad is here for you.”

Wow, just wow. She swallowed a sappy sigh and made cow eyes at him.

He brushed a thumb over her wounded lip. The split must have been shallower than she realized, his light touch didn’t hurt a bit. He pressed a tender kiss on her forehead before he carefully fit and fastened her safety helmet then climbed on in front of her.

More of her doubts vanished under the steady campaign of exquisite care he took with her and another piece of her wary heart melted.

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