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WIP Wednesday

January 30, 2013 | WIP Wednesday

writer at work a

After an embarrassing number of hours learning about fonts and artwork and design, I made a cover for Dalila’s Choice. Most of the rest of this month was spent revising and enriching the text. One of my talented friends, Amber Green edits as well as she writes and kindly (for a modest fee) handled the line editing and final proof. All that remains is pushing the publish button.

Last year I requested the right to publish the ten books contracted with New Concepts Publishing be returned to me. The publisher graciously agreed. in writing. This year they continue to sell the six titles they have lost the right to offer. I wrote, gently pointing out this is a breach of our contract. They didn’t respond.

There were long sessions of quivering before I decided to act on my intention to reissue new versions of my old friends. I really wanted a chance to polish the early titles. The rights to publish the first six have reverted to me. The copyrights have always been mine. I’m not at all sure how different versions of the same story will work for readers, but I’m close to finding out. Wish me luck!

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