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Snippet Saturday

February 9, 2013 | Snippet Saturday

Enyo I medium size

Another snippet from the new and improved Dalila’s Choice :heart:

Holding the small woman inflamed a primal hunger. A constant need always present in breeding age males. Until encountering the delicate alien, he’d taken pride in his ability to control his mating urge as he controlled everything else that might interfere with acting according to the warrior’s code.

Now, he burned to strip off her strange garments and spend himself in her soft body.

A rapidly swelling bruise—frighteningly close to her vulnerable temple—her shivers from shock, and the way she snuggled, confident in his protection, kept him from violating the fragile trust she’d extended.

After reaching the crude shelter of some long ago deposited driftwood, he set her down again. Her breathing was still too fast and shallow. He frowned and ground his back teeth as he examined her for broken limbs or signs of internal injury. Slowly, he ran his hands over every part of her tight little form. She was all softness, finely honed muscles, and elegant bones.

Assured she’d suffered no serious damage, he forced his hands away from her tempting curves. Rocking back on his heels, he studied her face.

Dark eyes glittered at him from between thick-lashed, barely open lids. For a space of time he lost himself as he stared at her with helpless wonder.

She sat up in a quick smooth movement, snapping the strange spell that had drained his formidable will.

“Thank you for saving my life.” She bowed to him.

“Is this Enyo?”

Her voice was a bit horse, but low and as sweetly feminine as the rest of her, although her accent was odd.It took him a few seconds to understand her question.

He dipped his chin.

She cleared her throat. “Is this Enyo?”

“Yes,” he answered in the rough, guttural tones typical of males, wishing he had a drink to offer her.

She blinked and nodded. Indicating herself with a graceful gesture toward her breasts she spoke again. This time she modulated her seductive voice, forming her words with careful enunciation. “Dalila Theron, disciple of Belle Amity Sisterhood and the pilot of the luckless shuttle craft.”

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