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Teaser Tuesday

February 5, 2013 | Teaser Tuesday

Enyo I medium size

A fresh peek from the new and improved Dalila’s Choice :heart:

Dalila forced herself to uncurl. There was no way to leave. Her ship was damaged. Dex needed to heal for several more days, to say nothing of the twins’ need to mate. The least she could do for the brothers was to relieve the ache of desire. She owed that much to the men, who’d saved her life, and rescued her vessel. Is it so wrong for me to be excited by their kindness?

Dex rested comfortably, but Kel waited. His anticipation pushed at her—a palpable presence in the confined space of the makeshift shelter.

She took a deep breath, gathered her courage, and rotated to face him. Her gaze refused to rise from the intimidating maleness of his reproductive equipment as she knelt between his splayed legs.

His being conscious took away some of her freedom to explore and made her tentative. He’d already stripped off the small garment and was gloriously nude. The long column of his rigid penis and the potent sac of testicles were exposed.

She gathered her courage, lightly touching his strong thighs. The coarse hair teased the pads of her fingers. An electric connection sparked to life, telling her of his hunger. Along with the powerful need rode fear— of her. She blinked and froze with shock.

His vulnerability, carefully hidden behind his gruff manner, was revealed by direct contact. Amazingly, he felt as uncertain as she did. His emotions were stripped bare—completely open to her. She excused the invasion of his privacy as information she needed to soothe his distress.

His yearning to mate, his pain at being classed as ineligible, echoed her own secret longings, astonishing her again and flooding her with an overwhelming need to ease his troubles.

Honesty made her name the urge to breed with him simple lust. Yet that wasn’t quite right. There was nothing simple or easy about her response to the fierce brothers. Kel’s touch set off small fires of long-suppressed desires.

With each contact, those inner blazes grew hotter. Now the raging wildfire of need roared out of control, threatening to consume her.
Vainly she wished that she had the broad hips and generous breasts of a breeder. How primitive and glorious to take him inside her body, and then to grow and swell with his child.

She set aside the problem of her unsuitability for the moment, but her conscience still nagged. What about Dex? I was compelled to ease his need only minutes ago. What does that say about me? How can I yearn to breed with two men? How can both of them want me? Yet, at least physically, clearly they did.

Fresh passion washed through her—thick and heady. The delicious musky fragrance of Kel’s aroused genitalia would have shaken any woman with a heartbeat. Dalila was not an exception. His tantalizing nearness, body heat, and seductive scent threatened to sweep away everything, other than the need to bring him pleasure.

She started slowly, making herself meet his dark eyes. And then she did the scariest thing she’d ever done. She let him see her vulnerability.

His big rough hand touched her face with surprising tenderness.

She braced her arms on his heavy thighs, leaned closer, and brushed her lips across his. She tasted his sweetness, hunger, and fear of rejection. Stunned all over again to find him as unschooled and unsure as she was, she explored more brazenly—learning his body. She memorized his responses, lingered, and repeated any caress that elicited a low groan. Finally leaning closer still, just short of touching his bulging thighs with her sensitized breasts, she reached out trembling fingers and caressed the red skin stretched tight over his hard penis.

He shuddered under her gentle caress. She let go instantly, tucking her hand behind her and scooting away. Fresh shame flooded through her overworked veins, she was mortified for offending him. Plainly arousal didn’t mean he wanted her help.

Turning her back to him, she rose and hurried from the crude shelter. Tears of humiliation filled her eyes as she ran. She never cried and she hated the show of weakness, especially in front of this fierce warrior.

She’d gone only a few paces when he caught her, wrapping his arms around her and drawing her hard against the inferno of his aroused body.

“I want you, little breeder,” he crooned in his raw, rough voice.

The sound sparkled along her stretched nerves, soothing her fears and warming the moisture pooling in her most private place.

Kel, the mighty warrior, wanted her. She would’ve gone down on her knees immediately, except he held her tight.

“Tell me you want me.”

She hesitated, her mouth dry and eyes dilated, barely able to form words—intoxicated by his nearness. “I want you so much it hurts.”
Trembling and unsure what would happen next, she held her breath.

He fisted her long hair, lifting the heavy mass away from her back. His lips pressed a damp kiss on her sensitive nape. With exquisite slowness, he licked and nibbled around the side of her neck to where it joined her shoulder.

She shuddered under his erotic assault.

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