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A Taste of Scarlet

March 2, 2013 | Snippet Saturday



A Trace of Ivy, Treeland Pack Tales III releases later this month. While each book in the series stands alone, I enjoy reading series most by starting with book one. For gentle readers who feel the same way here’s a snippet from A Taste of Scarlet, Treeland Pack Tales I


Scarlet leaped up and nipped the tip of his nose. Not hard enough to draw blood, but hard enough to make his eyes water. “What the hell was that for?”

She darted out of reach, flashing him a dirty look. “For shifting.”

“You’re mad at me?” Un-fucking-believable, but true. The smoky odor of her anger irritated his abused nostrils.

She hissed at him. “Yes.”

“You’re pissed because I didn’t shred your pretty hide? You’re not making sense. Work with me here, Red.”

“I was doing fine. I’m not some delicate little flower. I’m a full-grown werewolf.” She lowered her voice. “Who has a small shifting problem.”

For a second or three, she distracted him from her glare by crossing her arms under a pair of very nice breasts. Then he remembered why he was breathing hard. Small shifting problem, his ass. She might be slightly tougher than a human, but she was no match for his wolf.

Her chin tilted mulishly. “I was so close. I almost shifted.”

“You almost died.” He forced the words out between lips still half-numb with a sickening combination of rage and fear.

The criminally negligent female had no business being mad at him when she’d put herself in harm’s way. There were consequences for scaring the hell out of an Alpha. It was time she learned the way of the wolf. Lucky for her, he was a great teacher.

She was still talking like he’d messed up some halfway sensible plan. “Werewolf sex is the key. It will fix me.”

“You want sex.” Technically he hadn’t made it a question.

She nodded cautiously.

Way too damn late for caution, Red. His cock throbbed, and his balls rode high and tight and aching. A little rough sex would sure as hell make him feel better. “Fine, assume the position.”

Her eyes widened, and she took another step back. “You first.”

For a second, he didn’t catch her meaning.

When he didn’t instantly obey, she flapped her hand. “Go ahead, shift.”

The female was certifiable. “Hell no, wolfie boy isn’t coming out to play until you’re wearing fur and fangs.”

Another smoking glare from those pretty eyes scorched his hide. “Then there’s no point. You may as well leave. I don’t like sex.”

He smelled the lie along with her anger. They didn’t interfere with her arousal. When he stared at her breasts with their tight tips, she dropped her gaze from his submissively, though her spirit still rebelled against his dominance.

Teaching her to truly submit would free her strong, confident wolf. “That’s a damn shame,” he drawled. “You lost the option to say no right about the time you shed your clothes.”

She tried to bolt.

In a blur of speed, he caught her, spun her around, and captured both wrists in one hand. Holding her nice and secure, he moved up real close, settling in with her backside nested against his front. “You’ll whimper for me to take you.”

“In your dreams,” she growled at him. Actually growled. And then she kicked at him. A heel connected with his shins before he used his longer reach to back out of range.

Damn, that was hot. He frog-marched her to the wall and pinned her there. “Then too.”

“Let me go.” She squirmed in his unbreakable hold.

Much as he enjoyed the squirming, both wolfie boy and he knew she needed mastering—his. He pressed harder, subduing the rebellion. “Negotiations are over.”

“There were negotiations? I missed them.”

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