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A Trace of Ivy

March 23, 2013 | Snippet Saturday



Another sexy snippet from A Trace of Ivy…

“Talk to me, describe exactly what you are feeling,” her captor demanded in tones that implied obedience was required because she wouldn’t like the “or else.”

“Scared,” she hissed, then clamped her teeth to keep more terror from leaking out of her mouth. He didn’t need extra ammunition to use against her.

“No one will hurt you as long as I am standing. Tell me how frightened—give me a number from one to ten with one being completely at ease and ten being all-out panic.”

“Seven, maybe six.” She spat the answer to prevent her teeth from chattering.

“Keep breathing, nice and slow.” He supported her weight with one brawny arm and tilted her chin until she met his warm, brown eyes full of concern. “Watch me. I am here and real and determined to keep you safe.”

A part of her wanted to believe him—insanity. She managed to meet his gaze for a few seconds. “I’m free to go whenever I like?”
A tic twitched in his cheek. “Not right this minute. You don’t have shoes.”

“That didn’t stop me from escaping the monsters.”

He didn’t reply, unless she counted the grinding noise from his teeth.

“I’m tougher than I look. I can walk.” She held herself stiffly, trying to touch him as little as possible and praying her knees would hold if he set her down.

He tightened his grip on her. Not enough to hurt, but enough to remind her that she didn’t have a chance of winning a physical contest. “Let me carry you, please.”

The “please” made her pause and reconsider. Monsters never asked. And they never bothered to say please. Did beasts come in degrees of nasty? Too upset to speak, and with no real choice, she gave him a clipped bob of consent.

“You are a brave Beta.

The male was crazy. She wasn’t brave, more like a bundle of cowardly nerves. In spite of her disbelief, some of the fear keeping her on edge seeped away at his praise.

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