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A Trace of Ivy

March 16, 2013 | Snippet Saturday



The third Treeland Pack tale, A Trace of Ivy is scheduled for release next week! Time for a dangerously sexy snippet!


Chet led her outside the mall and across the parking lot, grateful the leather jacket hid his weapons and his hard-on. Ivy didn’t need more harsh reality.

“Where are we going?”

Straight to a living hell for me, unless I can pull some charm out of my ass, and that has never been less probable. The alternative to convincing Ivy to accept his collar and give him one in return was to join the living dead—bonded males without their mates. He spotted a memorial park one street east and tipped his head. “Over there.”

A few minutes of silent trudging later, Ivy sank gracefully onto a concrete bench. “This is lovely. But what are we doing here?”

“I need to talk to you.” Chet planted his feet where he could watch Ivy and the park’s entrance and caught sight of Ben, patrolling the perimeter.

Confusion clouded her green eyes. “Coffee inhibits you?”

“No, I wanted to talk without an audience.

“Except for Ben.”

So she saw him too. Smart female. “Except for Ben.”

“Werewolf hearing is that acute?”

“Yes, along with the other senses.”

Ivy darted a curious peek at him. “Will you tell me more about the sensory thing later?”

Goddess, I hope so. “Absolutely.”

She waited, obviously expecting him to expand his reply.

He gaped at her like the greenest pup, stunned by her beauty and how much he wanted her. His bonding scent rolled off him in waves—so thick even he noticed. There wasn’t a damn thing he could do to stop the irrevocable phenomenon. In an instant his reality changed. His number-one priority from this moment on was Ivy.

Her eyelids grew heavy, her lips softened, and she leaned toward him.

Chet closed the gap between them with all the finesse of a charging ram.

She stood, wrapped herself around him, and burrowed her nose into his chest, inhaling deeply. “Your fragrance is intoxicating—like a drug I can’t resist.”

Shit, I hope so, sweet torment. One second he was a free dog, and the next he belonged to Ivy. As the bond snapped into place, he realized he had waited a lifetime for this magical connection, never believing it would happen. He blinked back tears of gratitude. His wolf rose close to the surface, pushing to claim their mate. The hunger for her made it hard for him to process complex information like time of day and location. He was clear the female he wanted more than fresh meat had her arms wound around his neck. Aside from the layers of clothes separating them, nothing else mattered. He lifted her chin and slanted his mouth over hers in a kiss full of pure male possession.

He teased the seam of her lips, and she parted for him. He slid his tongue inside, tasting, tangling, and claiming. Her closeness fueled the hunger to mate with her and caused his cock to throb with its own pulse. At the same time, he absorbed every nuance of her response on a primal level, wanting only to worship her body and soul, however she’d let him.

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