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Reading and writing report

April 2, 2013 | Real life

writer at work a

After finishing A Dance with Dragons (brilliant epic fantasy for those who haven’t read the series to date), for a change of pace I picked up a contemporary romance, Not Quite Dating (delightful). Since well-written romance makes me smile, I picked another, Maid For Love (more classic delightful romance).

Reading in the genre I’m writing breaks one of my own rules. The original reason I instituted the rule was to avoid falling into another author’s style. I honestly don’t think that’s a danger, since I’m barely writing. Just as soon as I finish What I did For Love I’m getting back to work and rewarding myself with something other than contemporary romance. A fine plan until Lover At Last released. The brotherhood has romance, but laced with violence and paranormal elements that keep me up way too late at night. :ninja:

So what are you reading?

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