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Meandering down memory lane

July 2, 2013 | Real life


A nostalgic whim took me back to five years ago. I was waiting to hear from editors about multiple submissions. Ah the good old days when I had a backlist of unpublished stories polished up and ready to send.

Alas, nowadays there are no more old manuscripts lurking on the hard drive ready to submit. Even my previously published titles need work IMHO before I’m pleased to reissue those early releases… Worse yet, I take a lot longer to write and polish a story than I did largely because I’m much more critical about every aspect of writing craft. There are aspects of blissful ignorance I miss, but once I grasp new information there’s no recapturing that state of innocent cluelessness.

I can, however deliberately ignore rules… Romance encompasses a wide range of different kinds of stories. Could you forgive a hero who cheated on the heroine? How about an uncertain ending? What makes a book a wallbanger for you?

Would you overlook an uncertain ending?

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