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A Scarlet Past Blurb

October 22, 2013 | Fan Friday


Here’s the unedited blurb:

Sidelined by an injury, Fergus Wickham needs a new identity to re-enlist and get back to killing Nazis. When he arrives early for his meeting with the local Alpha, he finds a knockout doll facing off a rogue attack. As he helps her body count climb, his respect and arousal grows. When the battle ends, he finally meets the local Alpha, Vivian O’Connor, his mate.

As World War II heats up, so does the secret battle on the home front. For two touch-starved warriors, mating is more than pleasure– it’s a matter of survival, preventing Fergus from becoming one of the raving rogues threatening the packs and keeping Vivian alive to fight another night. But are both Alpha leaders, determined to win, when their only chance for victory is surrendering to desire.

A Scarlet Past is scheduled for release October 29th!

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