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Another Sneak Peek at A Scarlet Past

October 18, 2013 | Fan Friday


As promised another excerpt from A Scarlet Past, this time from the middle of the story. If you missed last week’s excerpt you can read it here

With Fergus’s hungry eyes begging her like a starving male waiting for his favorite desert, Vivian found it hard to think. She had too many dependents to act impulsively. Her practical side came to the rescue. She stood and dropped her napkin on the table. “I need to make another call.”

The sting of her rejection tightened his face as if she’d raked him with her claws. In stark silence, he turned away and began cleaning up the breakfast remains.

His hurt look stayed with her, nipping at the tender female wolf heart she kept hidden behind her Alpha-bitch facade. With heavy steps, she crossed to the phone and asked the operator to transfer her to housekeeping. “I stumbled last night and ruined my dress. Could you send someone to take it for cleaning and mending?”

“Do you need a doctor?”

“No thank you. I wasn’t hurt, just a scrape or two.”

“Of course, as you wish, ma’am. There’s a cloth laundry hamper in the closet for your convenience. Simply place the garment in the bag and hang it outside the door.”

“Wonderful, how soon can you have it back to me?”

“Two hours, ma’am.”

“Perfect. Thank you.”

As promised a zippered sack with the hotel’s logo hung in the spacious closet at the end of an assortment of expensive male clothing that smelled deliciously of Fergus. She breathed through her mouth to avoid the tempting distraction. This might have helped, except his essence coated her tongue and the addictive flavor eroded her control. She forced herself to move.

Since the hamper had plenty of space, she tossed in her unmentionables. Now came the hard part. She had to walk back into the living room past Fergus’s hungry eyes.

She stiffened her spine. Alpha bitches, who battled rogues nightly and won could certainly handle one oversize dreamboat, who was much too bossy and all wrong for her anyway.

After girding herself to snub him, the vacant room was a letdown. She hung the garment bag on a hook in the outer hall where their breakfast cart already waited. A nap would be a lovely way to fill the next two hours, if she’d been sleepy. Usually a long night of fighting followed by a heavy meal made sleep an easy choice, but this morning she was too restless.

Clad in nothing except a bathrobe, Vivian paced. She couldn’t leave the suite unless she wanted to make a spectacle of herself, and blending in with the humans was a responsibility she and every other sane wolf took seriously. Rogues didn’t give a damn, which added to the threat they posed. Thankfully, they were unable to shift and had little mobility in daylight, factors that made discovery slightly less likely.

She scanned the living room and balcony again. No Fergus. He could have left during the time she’d lingered in his closet, sniffing his clothes. Her sensitive ears caught most sounds, but he moved with uncanny quiet, especially for such a big male. Perhaps he’d learned how to block his thoughts too. She picked up nothing.
Honesty forced her to admit she longed for more of Fergus’s smoldering glances, rousing caresses, and passionate kisses. She wanted to be swept her off her paws and made to surrender. Instead the infuriating male pampered her and catered to her every whim.

Dark memories of her first intimate encounter tumbled in, bringing echoes of her soul-sickening sexual domination. A hard-won bit of self-knowledge. Whether fighting rogues, leading the pack, or negotiating with the vampires, she always dominated, giving no quarter and asking for none. Yet behind closed doors with a potent male, she yearned for nothing more than to serve him, although she knew instinctively he had to win her compliance.

She’d started to think Fergus might be the dog of her dreams—an Alpha strong enough to dominate her. Until the gorgeous male turned into Mr. Nice Guy—a too considerate eager beaver.

Should she settle for a slave when she wanted a master, or pass up the rare chance for the skin-on-skin intimacy her whole body craved?

Coming October 29th from Loose Id!

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