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Last Sneak Peek at Simply Irresistible

November 15, 2013 | Fan Friday


Here the final mini-excerpt from the last part of Simply Irresistible. If you missed the first peek you can find it here and the second is here.

She’d failed a direct order and there was no doubt about his displeasure. The steely line of his jaw should have made her quake in her stilettos. Instead, his stern command sent an unholy thrill of lust rippling through her aroused cunt. His demand to strip away the flimsy armor of her clothes was a fair punishment.

The dampness between her legs didn’t obliterate her reluctance to expose her scars. She stiffened her spine. The Master of my heart literally exposed himself before a crowd of his peers. For me.

His unflinching courage in reclaiming her publicly sent ripples of warmth through every portion of her being. She wasn’t such a coward she would shirk obeying him over fear of displaying a few marks on her imperfect body. She held her head high and reminded herself pleasing Master Liam was what mattered.

With deliberate care she unfastened the corset and set it aside. Of course, he did up his slacks as she revealed more and more bare skin.

He watched her with a stony expression that gave her no hint of his mood. After a few seconds of his cold regard she needed another spine-stiffening talk. I belong to this man and he wants my compliance. Nothing else is important.

Nudity still made her face heat. She kept her gaze respectfully lowered, peeking at him through her lashes. The intensity of his expression caused her nipples to pebble.


“May I stand, Master?”

Hundreds of hungry eyes glimmered beyond the glass barrier separating them from the audience. Their stares bore into her bare skin, rasping across her nerves and making it hard to concentrate on Master Liam.

“Yes, just long enough to remove your panties.” His answer came in a graveled rasp, but his steel-trap jaw softened when she called him Master, giving her another dose of hope.

She watched his face for approval and was rewarded with an easing of the tight lines around his mouth as she skimmed the scrap of red satin down her legs with shaky fingers, stepped out of the thong and grasped the back of her left stiletto.

“Keep the heels on. They’ll make you easier to fuck.”

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