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Second Peek at Simply Irresistible

November 8, 2013 | Fan Friday


Here’s a mini-excerpt from the middle of the story. Just in case you missed last week’s excerpt you can find it here.

Tiana tugged on his hold. Liam released her. She grabbed her groceries and marched toward the house.

He caught up before she’d gone more than a few feet. “Let me help.”

No actual steam came out of her ears, but temper spots flared on her cheekbones and her beautiful brown eyes sparked with anger. “You’ve already done too much.”

He helped himself to one of her sacks without responding.

Undeterred by his restraint, she continued, “You could have told me you were having my place watched.”

“Thought we covered the subject back in Issaquah.”

“No, we definitely did not. I agreed to one night of surveillance, under duress.”

“Hold on a minute, I did not threaten or force you to accept my protection. You were free to say no.”

“Would you have stopped if I had?”

Okay, she’s got me there. “Probably not.”

She unlocked the front door. “At least you’re an honest bully.”

“I admit to dominant, bossy and overbearing as hell, but I’m not a bully and you’re not intimidated or you wouldn’t be giving me what for,” he pointed out reasonably.

Tiana gave a harsh laugh. “I agree, plus you’re obnoxiously high-handed.”

“Fair enough.” He set the groceries on the counter. “I’ll try harder to keep you informed. I’m concerned about you staying here alone. Will you please humor me by visiting the ranch for a few days?”

“All right, but I’m cooking tonight.”


“I invited Marcia for brunch Monday.”

“Call her up and change the location. I’ll make myself scarce.”

Her face took on a mulish look. “I just met her. Shootings and staying at my neighbor’s house is way more drama than I want to share with a brand-new friend. Rob and the crew will be here Monday. I’ll fix breakfast for Marcia and come back to your place later.”

Maybe his poker face had deserted him, because Tiana folded her arms. “Either I keep my brunch date or I’m not coming with you to the ranch.”

“Okay, but Taylor is going to cover you.”

Tiana started to shake her head. He cupped the back of her neck, holding her still and nipped her bottom lip. “Your safety is nonnegotiable.”

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