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Sneak Peek from COLIN: Demon Hunter I

December 6, 2013 | Fan Friday


The glossy wrapping on the present from her friend Tamara caught Holly’s eye. She gently shut the lid on her old wishes and sparse memories. A smile tugged at the corners of her mouth while she crossed to the counter. Tam was determined to introduce Holly to the lifestyle she’d found so thrilling.

Listening to Tam talk about the club and scenes was one thing. Actually attending an event at the exclusive venue would be a much bigger leap. Tam’s role as a Domme fit her like a pair of sterile gloves. But her insistence that Holly embrace her inner submissive just couldn’t be right. Holly was a capable, independent woman. She definitely was not into being beaten or humiliated. Bossed around a little…

The idea of submission seemed much better in theory than actually being ordered to strip by some strange, dominant man. At the same time, she had to admit there might be something to her friend’s theory, because Holly’s cheeks warmed, and her body hummed to life even during her denial.

Am I really a kinky kind of girl?

Holly used a utility knife to slice through the pretty ribbon and slit the paper, then carefully slid a silver box from the wrappings. The embossed initials meant nothing to her, except as a reminder that the gift, like the exclusive La Ceinture Noire, was far beyond her pay range.

Earlier she’d been curious about the present. Now she was reluctant to actually look inside. Perhaps the entire BDSM scene Tam had told her so much about was better kept as a fantasy.

Ignoring the gift for the moment, she retrieved the teakettle. After filling it with water, she set it on the cooktop while she busied herself arranging a Christmas cup and saucer from her collection. She deliberated her choice of blend, finally spooning a mixture of mint, rose, and green leaves into the matching teapot. A sputtering whistle signaled that the water was ready, and she poured a steady stream into the china pot and inhaled the nurturing scent of fresh brewing tea. With the ritual complete, she pulled out the envelope and read the enclosed card.

La Ceinture Noire requests the pleasure of your company at our annual slave auction.
All proceeds from the auction go to the Wagging Tails Shelter.
Friday, December 23rd at nine p.m.
Black tie for Doms and Dommes
Clothing optional for slaves

Clothing optional? Oh. My. Dear. God. Tam forgot to mention the dress code. There was no way Holly was going anywhere in her birthday suit.

Her gaze flew to the box, and she lifted the lid. Under a layer of discreet tissue paper lay a crimson lace concoction. When she pulled it out, the material separated into two garments—a bustier and boy shorts. Wearing the delicate lace lingerie would be better than going naked—but not by much.

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