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Camille’s Capture Teaser

February 25, 2014 | Teaser Tuesday

writer at work a

A teaser from the early chapters:

Turning to level him with a speaking glare, she froze. Her jaw hung agape. He bristled with weapons of death and destruction. More entrancing, he was totally jaw-droppingly stunning. Tall and powerfully built, like every other warrior she’d glimpsed, this one appeared fiercer than any of the others. Perhaps it was his sharp blade of a nose, his piercing, deep-set eyes, or hair cut so short it barely bristled above his skull. Not to mention his frightening arsenal. Whatever the reasons, she knew this man would sire healthy sons and protect them.

A slow burn tightened her belly and warmed her from the inside out until she was certain she must glow a vibrant pink. She stared at him like a mindless fool for too long. At last she snapped her teeth back together. Angry at herself for being distracted from helping the injured sisters, she sniped, “If you’re not going to help me rescue the crew then get out of my way.”

The warrior ignored her demand, studying her. Slowly he grinned, exposing a boyish dimple in his left cheek. The smile transformed his sharp features into something even harder to ignore. “Have we met?”
Her heart gave a foolish little skip. This was so far from what she needed to focus on, it made her furious. She hissed at him. “On your goddess-forsaken world where the women are imprisoned behind walls like zoological specimens? I don’t think so.”

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