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Sneak Peek At TEY Demon Hunters II

February 4, 2014 | Teaser Tuesday

Tey  500 X 750

Special excerpt just for dangerously sexy fans!

Tey whirled then grasped her upper arms in an unbreakable hold. “If you keep pushing me, that’s going to change fast, beautiful.”

“Don’t call me that. You don’t know me. I’m not the youngling who adored you.” Miranda sniffed, trying not to inhale his delicious scent. The dark chocolate laced with something spicy and intoxicating should definitely be illegal.

“You are beautiful.” He frowned at her and released his hold.

After he let go her arm, the tingling from his touch and his addictive aroma continued to work on her. She still thought clearly enough to know a smooth line of empty flattery from the notoriously seductive earth demon. Even without her glamour her features stayed boringly human. She had pale, fragile skin instead of lovely, durable scales. Rather than exotic beauty bumps like Tey’s, ordinary eyelashes and eyebrows outlined her eyes. Acceptable assets for a woman didn’t cut it for a fiery female.

A little exaggeration wouldn’t hurt anything. Miranda angled her face back to meet his eyes. “Beautiful by human standards, perhaps. That’s nothing except glamour, pal. The real me is all about the pointy ears, horns, and wicked talons. ”

“What, no fangs?” he mocked her with a wry grin that exposed a dimple.

Refusing to be charmed by his teasing, she snorted a small puff of smoke. “I don’t need sharp teeth. I breathe fire.”

“So you’re a fire demon and what else?”

Her stomach gave a funny lurch at the reminder she wasn’t a pureblood, but she lifted her chin another notch. “Water.”

“Now you’re turning me on, gorgeous. I’d love to see the real you.” His eyes grew heavy lidded without looking the least bit sleepy and his voice deepened into a velvet purr that did wicked things to her body. “Let’s keep the record straight. You may be all steamy and lethal, but I’ve got the biggest scaliest tail in this dungeon.”

She ignored the disturbing interior tingling and deliberately dropped her gaze to his crotch. “Modest too.”

“I was talking literal tail—long scaly thing, hangs off my ass. I’m sure you’ve heard about them. What did you think I meant, gorgeous?”

Miranda rolled her eyes, past sparing feelings he obviously didn’t have. “You know what I thought. Silly me, I forgot you’d rather die than have sex with me.”

Before she could twitch, she was trapped in a cage of steely arms and powerful hips pinned her to the wall.
“There’s a whole lot you don’t understand about me, starting with how much I want to fuck you.”

She dropped her gaze again, letting it linger on the flat front of his jeans. “Yeah, I can tell.”

Glints of seductive power in his dark eyes changed his black irises to brilliant gold and made her lower her lashes, unable to look directly into his heat.

“You are a total innocent aren’t you? For the record, earth demons come with built-in protection against injury to our packages. Mine is strained to the max. I’d kill to be inside you right now.”

Did I really just issue a challenge to an irresistible, horny, intoxicating earth demon? Proximity to Tey must be eroding my self-preservation instincts. This winter may turn out to be a lot more fun than I expected or else I’m in more trouble than I can handle.

Coming very soon :heart:

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