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Warrior’s Wife

March 25, 2014 | Teaser Tuesday


The immersion in the Seduction Mission series continued with book two, Warriors’ Wife..

Here’s a snippet from Tori’s first encounter with her heroes, Gideon, Marcus, and Homer:

A naked cyborg traumatized Marcus’s eyeballs. Finally a break for his side, the bastard had no armor or anything else blocking the ugly sight. Not exactly a fair fight considering the fucker was unarmed, as long as Marcus didn’t count the leaking gun hanging off the front of his hips and aiming at the triad’s destined mate.

No Mr. Nice Guy when it came to the enemy. He swallowed rising gall and fired. The small weapon emitted an invisible beam of energy. The red line of the laser guide was the only visible clue anything had happened until the beam made contact and disrupted the hell out of the enemy’s cells. He stepped over the twitching bag of parts that used to be a cyborg and searched for Tori. As he edged past a table and a couple of canvas chairs, something clamped around his left ankle.

A second naked bastard with a serious fluid leak croaked, “End me.”

Ick. Marcus was definitely going to have to bleach his eyeballs.

The pleasure is all mine, scum. He kicked loose and discharged the enemy. Mercy killing was better than cyborgs deserved.

He found Tori crouched in a corner of the tent. Her pictures hadn’t prepared him for the real woman. She was insanely small and fragile and her clothes had been ripped to scraps.

“Stay back.” She curled a puffy split lip to hiss at him.

It truly hurt Marcus just to look at her. He squinted, trying to imagine her healed up a little. Lots of dark-red hair and milky-white skin that might be pretty if it weren’t swollen, cut, and so damn bruised. While he continued gaping at her like a clueless droid, her courage reached right out and snatched his heart from his chest.

Fucking cyborg bastards. He was ready to go back and kill them again, slower and much more painfully. He was grateful the enemy team had been such total fuckups that one slender woman had incapacitated two of them. Then he caught a flash of the blade she gripped in her swollen right hand.

Knife fighter, huh? Brilliant weapon choice. Like mechs, cyborgs were pretty much bulletproof. Of course dumb, dumber and dumbest had taken off their armor without binding her or bothering to secure all her weapons.

Note to self—make sure she’s on board with the plan before getting nakey. He liked his big-boy parts right where they were, at least long enough to give her a chance to appreciate his real gifts.

His woman was a true warrior. Didn’t that say it all? If he hadn’t already fallen for her, he would’ve been instantly in love.

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