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COLIN, Demon Hunters I

April 15, 2014 | Teaser Tuesday

Colin 500 x 750

Here’s the opening snippet from COLIN:

Unable to resist, Holly darted another peek at her neighbor and met his eyes. She automatically parted parched lips to say hi, then caught herself and averted her gaze. Feeling awkward and more than a little foolish, she slipped into her apartment, quietly closing the door behind her.

There were only four units on each floor. Not speaking to one of her next-door neighbors, especially this drool-worthy man, felt wrong. But he didn’t welcome conversation. He hadn’t been exactly rude. Most of her attempts to get acquainted had met with single-word responses. Even a plate of her still-warm homemade chocolate chip cookies had only received a burning glance and a curt, “I’m allergic.”

After his last rebuff, she’d taken the broad hints to heart and left him alone. A crying shame, because she had to ignore the only single man under seventy in the entire building. Her neighbor was tall, dark, and as tempting as original sin. Although he was plainly not interested in her, she still couldn’t help staring at him every time they met. Even his perpetual scowl didn’t spoil his appeal. If the man ever cracked a smile, then he’d be irresistible. Perhaps that was why he never smiled. A snarky inner voice grumbled about what a huge pain it must be for him to have to fend off the hordes of pushy women who wanted his big hands on them.

Who was she kidding? She just wasn’t his type. There were men who liked full-figured pear-shaped women, and that was the kind of man she needed. Too bad he wasn’t one of them.

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