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TEY, Demon Hunter II

April 22, 2014 | Teaser Tuesday

Tey  500 X 750

Here’s the opening snippet from TEY:

Must be my unlucky day. Always hopeful, Miranda scanned Tey’s face seeking some sign of the charming young male she’d probably fallen in love with at first glimpse. She’d been green as a newt a few days past her tenth birthday. He’d brought a bouquet of wild flowers, apologized for missing her party, and said something about the flowers being almost as pretty as she was.

Now she stared hard, but all traces of her childhood idol had been erased. In spite his indifference to her, his familiar, yet exciting presence banished the menace of the metal cage. Her heart raced with eagerness and her body grew both softer and tighter.

Tey lived a few floors beneath street level, so seeing him was an everyday occurrence. She’d never outgrown the thrill. This morning he was as tall, dark, and mouth-wateringly irresistible as usual. A thick black mustache emphasized his lush, cruelly beautiful mouth. Visible beard shadowed his rugged jaw making him look even more devastatingly sexy.

His midnight eyes flickered over her for a half a second. Strongly shaped eyebrows lowered and he nodded in her general direction on his way past.

She took a quick sidestep to avoid collision with the delicious smelling male.Once again, he’d caught her gaping at him. The brief encounter made her pulse race. She responded to him with an intensity no other male—not even another earth demon—evoked.

She ignored her traitorous body. Too late to impress the male with her fake indifference, she inclined her head in the same brief dip he’d given her. Good morning, to you, Mr. Warm and Fuzzy, Sir.

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