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Dalila’s Choice Teaser

May 13, 2014 | Teaser Tuesday

Dalila 500x750

A snippet from Dalila’s first meeting with Dex:

A delicate woman emerged from behind his brother. Dex stared, stupid with awe and unable to speak for several seconds. Then reality slapped some sense back into his head. He angled a frown at his twin. “Did you report her?”

Kel moved in front of her as if defending the breeder. “Not yet.”

Logic told Dex there had been no opportunity to communicate with the council’s office. The lapse of protocol was so out of character for the by-the-code, nothing-but-the-code Kel that Dex’s shock morphed to fear. “You have to alert the council. An unattended woman requires governmental protection. Contact with an unclaimed woman is forbidden. You’re risking your life without cause.”

Kel crossed his arms. “She’s not of Enyo. Therefore, our laws do not apply.”

“She’s here now. The edicts are clear.” Dex’s voice rose an octave with fresh alarm. Have you lost your mind?

The woman in question watched them with wary eyes, keeping one small hand glued to Kel’s wrist. Whether she held on to him for comfort or support, Dex had no way to tell. In either case her preference for his twin was plain.

Dex’s stomach knotted in anger. As he met her dark eyes, her siren’s call eased his temper. Her allure went beyond beauty, outweighing reason and even his instinct for self-preservation. His concerns about legal issues were lost under the intoxication of her presence. She must not have chosen Kel for her mate, because if she’d selected him, then his inflexible twin would have been more relaxed. So there was hope. A slim hope, but slim was enough.

Even in birth, Kel had been first. The pattern held with each milestone. His twin smiled, walked, and talked before he had. Throughout school his brother made better grades, higher scores, and more wins. They’d failed the breeder test equally, along with thousands of New Eden’s finest young warriors. The sheer quantity of men sharing their unhappy fate gave no comfort. Vast numbers pf fellow sufferers did nothing to lessen his primal need to mate.

“Do you want to choose one of us to breed with?” he blurted.

“You mean mating—as in sexual intercourse?” she asked, her pretty voice rising higher and her dark eyes growing even larger in unflattering alarm.

He jerked back, baffled. “How else?”

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