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Coming Someday, Maybe

May 23, 2014 | Fan Friday

Coming Someday
I love hearing from readers. The most common question I get is are you going to write another (Demon Hunter, Demon World, Treeland Pack, Seduction Mission…fill in the series of your choice) and when.

The short answer is maybe and someday. :blush:

Last year a charming reader asked if I was going to make A Scarlet Past available, I answered that I’d love to but I have no idea when. A week later, I received a note from my Loose Id editor mentioning a special call and asking if I had anything that matched their theme. A Scarlet Past was dusted off, polished up and released a few months later.

More commonly, an alpha male hijacks my brain and demands his story be written NOW!

At the moment I’ve given into Mythos and am working on refurbishing Joon’s Temptation. It should release this year. I’ll let you know the moment it’s available.

The Demons and Dragon books are next on my to-write list, but the list gets rearranged too often for me to commit to a deadline. The characters in my head can be so pushy!

I’d love to write Suluth’s story. Galaxy’s End is available in Free Reads and is the prologue to his adventure.

The third Seduction Mission is a substantial partial (30k), but I’m not at all sure how much of the current manuscript will survive after revising to match the revised heroine. It would be so helpful if characters were a tiny bit more candid from the start, but apparently they enjoy driving me crazy.

There are more demon hunter stories rattling around in my head, as well as Treeland Pack tales, Crucible masters, Sterling brothers, and some others you haven’t even met. I may not live long enough to write them all. :shocked:

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