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Snippet from Camille’s Capture

June 10, 2014 | Teaser Tuesday

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Another snippet from Cami’s adventure:

Zapping Baldoreans into subatomic particles didn’t bother Jaxon. He darted a look at Cami, worried about how much of the action she’d caught. She’d already been wiped out by the loss of her friends. Earth women were pacifists, lobbying the council of elders for peace talks. The shuttle crashing into the middle of a Baldorean shoot-out had to be a mega-culture shock for the little breeder.

Her face seemed a bit green around the edges, but she headed for the cockpit.

Aegis blocked her way. When she tried to wriggle pass him, he clamped her firmly to his side and gently removed the medical supplies she clutched. “You cannot help them, little one.”

“Don’t call me that. I’m not a babe.”

Even from his post, Jaxon could tell her words had no real force.

“I am not confused about your maturity. However, you are delicate,” the warrior spoke to her with rough tenderness.

When Jaxon glanced their way again, she’d burrowed her nose into Aegis’s side. Her slim shoulders shaking with silent sobs ripped holes in his heart. What sucked worse than the pain in his chest was she turned to Aegis for comfort, or it might have been the way the big guy held her as if she were infinitely precious.

Jaxon fantasized about sharing a woman with his friend countless times. For him to stand guard while his bud bonded with Cami had never been part of the dream.

Natch Aegis was everything she would want in a mate. He was strong, honorable, and fearless, in short as irresistible as the original sin.

Damn, Jaxon practically drooled when he saw the warrior. Why should he be shocked the little breeder went for his best friend? The worst blow to his ego was the punch of plain old envy. Double damn, Jaxon ached to hold her. She was sweet, scared, brave, and so fine he wanted her forever.

If this were a holo-story romance, he would quietly disappear into the space station’s maze of connecting corridors, leaving Aegis and Cami alone. That was absolutely not happening.

“They’ve got reinforcements.” Fresh bursts hit the hull, confirming his statement. “I hate to break up the party,” he called over his shoulder. Liar. “Even with their weapons set to cell disruption, the shuttle’s not going to take a whole lot more punishment. This baby’s hull is ultra thin. Plus, I’m running low on duranium.”

“We need a back door,” Aegis grumbled.

Right, but did the sisterhood’s craft have a rear exit? From the edge of his vision, Jaxon saw Cami scrub away her tears and take Aegis’s hand. “Follow me.”

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